Sunday: 9:30am – Groups // 10:30am Worship

Wednesday: 6:00pm – World Changers Community Outreach

Men's Ministry

At Gordo First Baptist Church, our Men’s Ministry is a vibrant space designed to foster growth, connection, and spiritual depth among the men in our congregation. Through regular Bible studies, fellowship events, and community service, we cultivate an environment where men can explore their faith, develop leadership skills, and build lasting friendships rooted in a shared journey of faith.

Our Men’s Ministry offers diverse opportunities for involvement, including engaging discussions, mentorship programs, and special events tailored to the unique needs and interests of men. From heartfelt discussions about life’s challenges to uplifting worship and practical skill-building workshops, we provide a supportive community where men can find encouragement, guidance, and strength in their faith walk. At Gordo First Baptist Church, we welcome you to join us as we journey together in faith, fellowship, and growth.

“Men, when driven by compassion, courage, and a sense of responsibility, stand as pillars in their communities, shaping futures, championing causes, and uplifting those around them. Their impact isn’t just in their actions, but in the inspiration they ignite and the legacies they leave behind.”

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