Sunday: 9:30am – Groups // 10:30am Worship

Wednesday: 6:00pm – World Changers Community Outreach

“To see children come to know Christ and be Biblically discipled, consistently grow in Christ, develop a Biblical World-view, and serve Him.”

Seeing Children Come To Christ


A vibrant and nurturing children’s ministry at a church is a dedicated space where young hearts and minds are embraced in a loving community of faith. The children’s ministry typically involves a range of age-appropriate activities and programs designed to foster spiritual growth, instill foundational values, and create a sense of belonging. Sunday school classes often form the backbone, where biblical teachings are presented in an engaging and relatable manner. 


Beyond traditional classes, children’s ministries may organize special events, such as Vacation Bible School, where kids can enjoy a week of fun-filled learning through games, crafts, and interactive lessons. Additionally, many churches prioritize building strong relationships by hosting family-oriented gatherings, ensuring that parents actively participate in their children’s spiritual journey. Through these various avenues, a church’s children’s ministry becomes a dynamic hub where young individuals develop a solid foundation of faith, compassion, and community bonds.

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