Sunday: 9:30am – Groups // 10:30am Worship

Wednesday: 6:00pm – World Changers Community Outreach

Welcome To Gordo First Baptist!

We a spiritual family of believers united by a common faith in Jesus Christ and a shared commitment to glorify God in all things.


We’re delighted by your interest in joining us at Gordo First Baptist. Here, you’ll find a sanctuary not just of brick and mortar, but of open hearts and embracing souls. Whether you’re taking the first steps on your spiritual journey or seeking to reconnect with a sense of purpose, you’ve found a place where you belong.

At Gordo First Baptist, we cherish the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs that each individual brings. Our doors are wide open, inviting you to explore, question, and grow in a supportive environment filled with compassion and understanding.


Join us for uplifting worship services, engaging discussions, and opportunities to forge meaningful connections with fellow travelers on this path of faith. You’re not just a guest here; you’re a cherished member of our community. 

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